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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Ruby Hunter


Portrait of Ruby Hunter on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Sam Beke

 Portrait of Sam Beke on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Daniel Andrews MP


Portrait of Daniel Andrews on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Martin Foley MP


Portrait of Martin Foley MP on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Kobra Moradi

 Portrait of Kobra Moradi on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Lee Lin Chin

 Portrait of Lee Lin Chin on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Max Gillies


Portrait of Max Gillies on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

David Gulpilil

Portrait of David Gulpilil on scraper board ©Mirranda Burton

Saturday, July 31, 2021

A new Australian graphic novel!

Led by an unconscientiously objecting wombat registered for military service during Australia's war in Vietnam, Underground digs tunnels through a chapter of Australian history that many have attempted to bury.

Why would a wombat be registered for war? 

It's 1965, and an old Tattersalls barrel starts rolling marbles to randomly conscript young Australian men to fight in the war in Vietnam. Melbourne housewife Jean McLean is outraged, as are her artist friends Clif and Marlene Pugh, who live in the country with their wombat, Hooper. 
Determined to wreck the system, Jean forms the Save Our Sons movement's Victorian branch, and she and her supporters take to the streets to protest. Meanwhile, in the small country town of Katunga, Bill Cantwell joins the Australian Army, and in Saigon, young Mai Ho is writing letters to South Vietnamese soldiers from her school desk. And when Hooper's call-up papers arrive, he mysteriously goes underground…

As these stories intersect in unexpected ways and destinies entwine, a new world gradually emerges - a world in which bridges of understanding make more sense than war. This stunning graphic novel, full of empathy, courage and resistance, is based on true events.

'Every drawing reflects a Vietnamese history era in which I grew up and witnessed the war. I cannot thank you enough for this memory.' MAI HO

'This book is close to my heart.' BILL CANTWELL

'I am thrilled to be part of this graphic novel full of beautiful art and insight. I hope this book educates our youth about what happens when governments go to war, the dreadful cost to both sides of the conflict, and recognise their duty to work for peace.' JEAN McLEAN

Release date: 3rd August
Publisher: Allen & Unwin


Monday, April 5, 2021