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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cotton fields

'Cotton fields'
Silk cut lino print © M. Burton 2012

Fox prints

'The New Coat'
Silk cut lino print © M. Burton 2012

A fox remembers he was not always materialistic. Stepping back through his material possessions he is curious about the environment from where he came.

'Material Girl'
Silk cut lino print © M. Burton 2012

In a material world, nature has become decorative. Material Girl is reminded by the bird (her conscience) that she has strayed from home.

Silk cut lino print © M. Burton 2012

Every night I fall asleep watching the moon through the Red Box trees. They are my blanket.

My house is surrounded by foxes. One night I couldn't sleep and a fox came to my window. he couldn't see me but was 20 centimetres away from my face. His black silhouette is still with me and they appear in these prints. I find the foxes beautiful, but can not make peace with them. They were introduced from Europe in the 1830s to Australia, and their destruction to our ecology has been profound. They are not unlike us humans.