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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sam Wallman: Being born is goin' blind

I don't seem to leave the bush much these days, but I was more than eager to break out of the trees for the launch of Sam Wallman's fantastic new comic book 'Being born is goin' blind.' The delivery room was 'Wooly Bully' in North Melbourne, a great little venue that deals in beverages and comic books.

I love Sam's work. Sam can write, draw, tell stories, and make mini visual essays that leave you with a heightened sensibility of all things. ALL things? Holy moley, what does that mean? It means that as I sit here I'm making connections between the rarely considered amoeba, fossilized plant matter and anonymous factory worker that made the plastic keys that are clicking away under my fingers. These thoughts are simultaneously subdividing into continents, religions, political systems, loaves of bread, draining baths, ring tail possums, sex, the tips of tree branches, future meteorological projections and synthetic polyester fabric. Sam joins the dots and after you close his book your mind keeps going.

'Being born is goin' blind' asks some grubby questions, but criticism of humanity comes across as affectionate, detailed, and often very funny. See more of Sam's work and buy his book HERE.